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'We're stealing a fat dude ?'
Quiet please...
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Art History has had a succesful premiere on the 25th November, in Vancouver, at the Sugar and Sugar gallery. Thank you to all who attended.

The process of promotion and seeking funding for the feature version is well under way - with major interest generated among all aspects of the industry - technical, creative and financial - the ball is rolling.

The DVD is now available - check out the original trailer, the 5 minute teaser or order a DVD here

Press Releases/Media Coverage can be found here

A big thank you to Dominika who in addition to inspiring the character of Stella and many aspects of the story, tweaked lots of dialogue to improve the flow of the story and worked hard to create a fun and relaxed on set atmosphere.

Here are some thoughts on the making of the film, and lots of photos - both behind and in front of the camera.

Nick Bicanic's thoughts
Dominika Wolski's thoughts

Photos by H. Walker (additional digital photos by D. Wolski)

cast members
crew members

day 1 photos - on location
day 2 photos - on location
day 3 photos - on location
day 4 photos - on location

tech photos - lots of stuff for the hardcore gear geeks in here

and of course cast and crew group photo

And finally some frames from actual footage showing the results of our efforts.